The item I chose as meaningful to me is my hairspray. It contains meaning for me in a few ways. Entitled “Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play,” the red lacquer bottle represents my first style-based purchase in the realm of hair care. Its meaningfulness also stems from my usage of the hairspray and its results. The hairspray bottle itself makes the item meaningful, as it stands out and provides a dynamic look to my otherwise ordinary bathroom. Overall, the hairspray serves as a meaningful item to me because it satisfies my needs in terms of hair care and has been a consistent purchase of mine for the past three years. Interestingly, I first discovered this product through a YouTube personality, Tyler Oakley, who included this product in a “favorite-things” video back in 2011 and even included the same product in a recent “show and tell” video. I grew into my own, style-wise, during this period of time and the product has meaning to me beyond its functional use in terms of my lifestyle, appearance, and interactions, on and off line.

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The hairspray is never used publicly, but the application of the item is always done in preparation and anticipation for a public outing. Wafting in the aerosol, styling my hair, and the entire process in front of the mirror culminates in a publicly visible result. This result may spark others to form impressions of me based on the success or failure of my hairstyle. Others may even compliment or question my hairstyle that could then lead me to divulging my product of choice. The cheeky and playful title of the “Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play” might induce a chuckle or a smirk. Others might think that I take pride in my appearance for the simple fact that my hair is done at all, but then they may think that I do not take my hair care too seriously with such a lighthearted and sassy product title. Conversely, others may think I am trying to hard in honest hopes of achieving “Big Sexy Hair” by using the product. Their impressions would be right in all scenarios. By the very nature of me purchasing the hairspray, I do care about my hair styling and my public appearance. The playful title encouraged me to initially purchase the hairspray, but the product delivers on providing the necessities in achieving a hairstyle that aligns with adjectives of big and sexy. However others would interpret my use of the product and my subsequent hairstyle, the hairspray provides me with a pseudo-confidence, when my hair is looking on point, that its meaningfulness trumps the public reactions.