In the summer of 2008, I went on a People to People Student Ambassadors trip to Europe. While the experience as a whole was life changing in many ways, one of the most definitive aspects was the preparation that started the fall before. Since there was no guarantee cell phones would work or that iPods would adjust to the time difference correctly, we were all instructed to purchase a watch so we could manage our time accordingly in places we might not be able to ask for the time. This was the start of a personal habit for me.

I bought my first real analog watch at the mall closest to my house at the Swatch store. It is not a glamorous watch, but it was my first and the process has made it important. Being small with kid-sized wrists, there weren’t many options, but my dad waited patiently as I tried on nearly every watch that would fit in the store. After at least an hour I chose an analog watch with a bright pattern and plastic band. It’s had a rough 5+ years so the band is now white leather and the battery has been replaced, but the face remains the same.


If I leave home without a watch, not only does my wrist feel naked, but everyone can tell I normally wear one. This picture will indicate why.


After a while, my watch collection grew, but this first watch remains my outdoorsy watch. It’s rough-and-tumble ready and can be put through the laundry and come out just fine. As such, this watch is out in public most when I go hiking, camping, apple picking, canoeing, or other activities where things can get messy. In these settings, my watch allows me to keep track of time without muddying up my phone, and since I’ve worn a watch for over five years those around me also know about it, and check for time with me for the same reason.

I believe having a watch for any situation leads people to believe I have strong time management skills because I choose to be responsible and have multiple ways of keeping time. I think that since I have had the same watch for a long time people assume I am responsible with my possessions and that I take good care of them.  I’d like to think that both assumptions are true; I try very hard to manage my time well and I rarely lose or break possessions. There is a large variety of reasons to wear a watch and the longer I do it, the more reasons I discover.

AIRFUN from the Swatch Website