I’m the quintessential technology over-user so the item that probably most substantially affects my day and lifestyle is my iPhone. I, of course, use it for communication like anyone else but I’m also a major user of iCal as a daily planner, iTunes/Podcasts for transit and a handful of other apps for every-day needs. Any demand I can fulfill on my iPhone is done on it so much of my focus can just be directed in one place.

The main way I’m witnessed publicly using my iPhone is probably while walking down a sidewalk, texting or checking emails, interspersed with glances up for the street or a pole. I probably make negative impressions on lots of strangers because of this – and I can’t totally blame them – but I’m highly advanced at navigating the sidewalk while looking down and have never had an incident to date. I’m also an aggressive street crosser, which means I cross the street as soon as I can, so this practice mixed with my iPhone use may terrify an occasional bystander.

The way I anticipate a heavy iPhone user like myself being judged is that I have a disconnect with my natural surroundings and am probably the kind of person who can’t “live in the moment.” Although I fully understand how the practice of too often being immersed in a digital screen could be attributed to a more superficial character, I’m an anomaly to this. I have little connection to pop culture and many other mainstream influences; I despise the notion that it’s okay for meaningful communication to be done over a device; And sometimes I love leaving my phone at home and going on a nature walk. Technology is such a fixture of culture and daily life practices now that heavy iPhone users today can be a far-reaching array of people who don’t fit the mold.

P.S. It’s hard to take a good picture of your iPhone using just a mirror and your iPhone.