When my parents bough me my first laptop, I fought tooth and nail to spend the extra money and get a bigger model. The 15-inch Dell Inspiron E1505 I cajoled them into purchasing was backpack-fillingly large and back-breakingly heavy.  However, I really loved its big screen. The bigger, the better. When I become a college student, eventually, my computing needs changed. I needed a computer that I carry anywhere as a class-changing student and an international student who travels a lot.


I remember falling in love with the 11-inch MacBook Air. The moment I took it out of the box- and I was immediately impressed by its amazingly thin and light design. It is obviously much lighter and easier to carry around. I can finally bring a laptop wherever I go, to use on the go – on the bus or subway to do homework, on my stomach to watch some TV before I sleep. I can pull it out with three fingers and it instantly turns on, and instantly sleeps when I close it and toss it back in my bag. So I can say the 11-inch MacBook Air represents and reflects my lifestyle.


Meanwhile, without my knowledge or permission, Apple has been training me. The Macbook Air not only reflects my lifestyle, but also has changed my digital lifestyle. For example, I started to use “command” key instead of the “Ctrl” key. I have really learned my way around iTunes and the app store.  Although I like its small design, it is too small to be my primary computing device at home. So I decided to buy an iMac and make it my “home computer” so that I could offload media on it, backup documents, and do all those other things I am supposed to do on “a home computer.” Since I purchased Macbook Air, I became a huge fan of Apple, so I changed my smartphone from Samsung Galaxy S to iPhone 4. When iPad was first launched, I was in the line to buy.


I’ve been as loyal an Apple Fanboy as that term can allow. There were two kinds of people: PC users (a.k.a. “regular people”) and Apple fanboys. Ignorance is often used alongside Fanboy in the sense that for anyone to think this Apple product is better than a certain non Apple product, then the person deciding must be ignorant of the other device’s capabilities. Now, I use both Apple/Mac & Microsoft/PC. They both have their strengths and weakness and the world is a much better place because of both companies’ products.