A couple of weeks ago, I completely shattered my iPhone as I was running up the stairs at work.  In the moments following the crash, I tried my utter best to stay calm and to convince myself that it was merely just a phone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but go into a bit of a panic, as I was unable to fathom my day without it.

My iPhone is incredibly meaningful to me due to its dominating presence and use in my daily life providing me with a certain kind of security. It’s my calendar, my camera, my map, my social network, my newspaper, my alarm clock, my entertainment, and most importantly, my memory storage.  It travels with me every minute of everyday also lying beside me as I sleep.

Unquestionably, my story of iPhone reliance is not unique at all. The iPhone has not only gained dominance in the streets of New York, but has become status quo around the world. As I walk to school; browsing, capturing, reading, listening, or talking on my iPhone, I’m perceived as just another tech obsessed and overly immersed millennial.

A lot of my iPhone usage, as listed above, is public and I am certain there are many varied assumptions/impressions made. Recently, the iPhone’s perception has increasingly been tied to the varied and popular apps used on it. As I take a photo to Instagram or Snapchat, I’m most certainly perceived as the over sharing 21-year-old. Certainly some must judge the scenes/incidents I find worthy of sharing while other must pity my necessity to stay connected. Evermore, the Apple brand holds heavy judgment and ultimately my possession of the iPhone creates an impression of wanting to fit into the glamorous, expensive and mainstream empire.

Though some of these impressions may hold some truth, they are by and large assumptions made about iPhone buyers and millennials in general. Although I do enjoy sharing some aspects of my life, I am not controlled nor completely immersed in it.  Interestingly, most of my time on my phone is spent reading the news and my overwhelming basket of bookmarked articles, not on social media.

Ultimately, my iPhone is a tool that enhances my daily life as it helps me organize, share and connect. My selection of the iPhone was primarily due to its seamless synchronization with my other gadgets (iPad, Apple TV, Mac) and my appreciation for their sleek design and simplicity. It may come with a heavy price tag and perception, but I love my bruised iPhone that has stuck with me and captured my time in New York.