I spent several days trying to find an item that was ‘very meaningful’ to me, only to come up blank. I don’t have any family heirlooms and I’m not one to get attached to objects. If something like your laptop breaks, you can get another. It might suck and be expensive, but the point is it’s replaceable. However, I recently broke my phone and my main concern was not the phone itself, but the stuff on the phone like my messages and pictures, and that’s when I realized I was thinking about it all wrong. I was thinking of the object itself, rather than what it represents. After that, picking an object was a piece of cake: my Super Nintendo.


I chose my Super Nintendo for two main reasons: the amount of time I’ve had it and its durability. My mom can’t remember exactly when she got it, but the first game we have is Madden ’93 so I’m going to guess late ‘92 or sometime in ‘93. Either way, it’s something that has been with me my entire life. I remember the first game I played on it was Ms.PacMan with my mom (I have yet to beat her at it). When I became old enough to understand the concept of the games well enough to actually be somewhat good at them, I progressed to games like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, and Contra, where my mom would recruit me as a partner in two-player mode. The Super Nintendo represents a time in my childhood where I was treated with more trust by people I admire and look up to. My mom trusted me enough to partner up with me in games and not think I’d sabotage the whole thing, and my older cousins trusted me enough to leave me alone to set up and play their own systems and not think I would break it somehow. Also, I dropped my system from the top of my dresser last year as I was unloading my stuff in the dorm, and it resulted in a large crack on the top. To say I had a panic attack is an understatement. Although I highly doubted it would still work, I tested it to make sure. Guess what…it still functioned/s perfectly fine. As opposed to my iPhone, which dropped from less than a foot off the ground, and is now in dire need of replacement. There’s nothing like old school technology; completely Steph-Proof.

I brought the Super Nintendo with me to college because I knew my sister would kill me if I took the Xbox and the Nintendo was mainly used by me (my sister wouldn’t even know what to do with it). So far the reactions I’ve had from people who’ve seen it have consisted of surprise and awe (Woah, you still have one of those? So cool!). My most recent roommate has been the only one to react confused and ask me why in the world I brought such an old system with me instead of a newer system that has new games coming out. That being said, I definitely think it’s possible that people form an impression of me based on the fact I own this discontinued game system.  The first probably being that either I like videos games and have for a while or I don’t like video games that much to upgrade my system, and the second being that I’m an old-school type of person. Would these be accurate? Yeah, kind of. Yes, I like video games and I grew up with them, however I’m not going to flip out over not having an Xbox to play the latest Call of Duty (although I enjoy those as well). I will also proudly admit that I am an old-school junkie (I currently have a VCR next to the Nintendo on my dresser), but I also like to keep up-to-date with new technology.

But really, can you see an Xbox or PS3 still functioning with a large crack in it? No way; everything’s made way too delicate now.