The McDonald’s corporation currently offers cheap and convenient meals from its locations in over 120 countries.  It offers a prime example of adapting to national identities by its adoption of many different ethnic foods throughout those countries and also by adhering to the different cultural norms of each place.

For example, Vegemite (a spread that is loved and commonly used by Australians) is offered at all of the McDonald’s restaurants located down under. In the United Kingdom, portion sizes are significantly smaller than those offered in the United States.  According to the corporation’s website, this is because the company has decided that these portion amounts are more suitable to the cultural norms of the UK and “can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet”. The McDonald’s chain offers the “Bubur Ayam McD (this consists of a rice-based porridge with chicken, ginger, onion, etc.)” in areas of Malaysia. Shaka Shaka Chicken (a dish heavily laden with spices and peppers) is available in Singapore, where the food commonly has Indian, Chinese, and Thai influences. Many locations on the Asian continent also offer a selection of hot teas, due to the popularity of the beverage in the region. Because of the percentage of practicing Hindus in India , beef burgers are not offered in the country.  Instead, they are replaced by an array of vegetarian options. Throughout the Middle East, McDonald’s serves the “McArabia” (an adaption of the ever-so-popular shawarma and falafel sandwiches served in many different Arab countries). Chicken nuggets that have been stuffed with Parmesan cheese are found exclusively in Italy.  Italian McDonald’s also offer a dessert menu unlike anywhere else, complete with Tuscan cheese tarts and torta caprese. McDonald’s branches in Mexico offer Molletes, open-faced breakfast sandwiches that are commonly found in this particular Hispanic culture.


As you can see, this company has expanded its popularity within different cultures by offering dishes that are popular to each particular region, as well as making other choices that cater to the life choices of the majority of the population.