The fact that Scott Robeson frequents farm conventions pretty much sums up why he considers himself a ‘logo whore’ for sporting Armani Exchange.  His HAUL, which consisted of tacky shirts, less than fabulous hoodie, iPhone adapter, gym shorts and toilet, yes I said toilet water from Abercrombie and Fitch.  This is what he considers a  ‘crazy-fun’ anniversary shopping spree at a mall?  Maybe when your man works on a farm, but not by my standards.  Note to self:  If my man buys me that shit for our anniversary, let this serve as a reminder to dump him so that I don’t waste another year on him.  On the other hand, perhaps it’s glamorous by twink-who-lives-near-a-farm-standards.  Hell, at least there’s even a mall nearby.  His entire HAUL selection, including the adapter, brought to mind one of my favorite comments from Michelle Visage of RuPaul’s Drag Race, “It’s just rather pedestrian.”

No matter how many times I watch HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Mini GAY shopping Haul, I still can’t find value in it.  Then again, I could see how it could appeal to internet trolls who slobber all over themselves when Scott mentions his skinny figure and “white, pasty skin.”  Overall, I found it less informative and more of a video diary that rambles on and on and on.  Not to mention, he uses the forum to interject his pseudo stand-up comedy routine.  With the exception of mentioning the varying fits of Express shirts, which he didn’t even purchase nor showcase, most of this video was him loving himself a bit too much.

The presentation was sloppy, unprofessional and without a script nor flow.  Who does a video and doesn’t even take off their coat?  The premise of a HAUL video is to engage people so that they view you as an authority on the products you’ve purchased.  The video could have used critical and informative reviews, in addition to engagement with the viewer as to why these items were purchased.  For example, most of the clothing he bought were summer T-shirts and shorts, which means by the looks of the coat he was wearing, they were out of season and on sale.  His video would have been more constructive as a HAUL about buying summer clothes out of season to put away for the following summer.  Showcasing the value savings would have been fun and his comedy could have played off of his thriftiness, making it more entertaining and structured.

In regards to the fragrance, he didn’t give the price point nor a general description of what the fragrance smells like.  This info is readily available from many websites and including it would have provided an enticing reason for viewers to purchase it; other than a server at a restaurant wanting to taste you when you have it on.

I highly doubt Scott has picked up any cultural capital along the way, however, I’m sure he has an abundance of internet stalkers.  If in fact he has obtained cultural capital, it is not evident in his lack of socially rare and distinctive tastes, skills, knowledge and practices (Holt)  He displays no authentic understanding of any of his products by offering no value, description nor reason to purchase them.  While Scott’s disposition would probably never be that of snob or cultural intermediary, the sloppiness in his vocabulary and presentation doesn’t even support the conspicuous consumption that he strives for in this video.