Recently posted on YouTube, “Back to School Supplies Haul + Giveaway!!!” by StilaBabe09 is one of thousands of haul videos posted on the internet. In this particular video, the hostess (Meredith) displays and talks about several back-to-school items that are available at nationwide stores such as Target and Office Depot. One interesting aspect of this haul video (as opposed to many others), is the “giveaway” portion of her presentation. Many aspiring haul bloggers use giveaways to spark interest or draw interest to their blog or channel. In this case, Meredith purchased several of her favorite or recommended items to raffle off to her devoted followers and new viewers.

There are several techniques that StilaBabe09 uses to draw attention to her video while also attempting to define herself as a credible source. She is able to get across to her audience by displaying an enthusiastic and friendly demeanor, as well as using her ability to effectively articulate information on the items that she has chosen to discuss. The setting and the way she projects her personality allow her to be very relatable to her audience. By filming her review in an intimate location (what appears to be a bedroom) and by talking in a very personal and conversational manner, Meredith associates herself with her audience (as opposed to coming across as a cultural intermediary or “snob”). The physical way in which she presents herself (fashionable, well-groomed, and confident) is also a key factor to developing and maintaining her integrity as a fashion/beauty/product analyst. These traits give her presentation an air of familiarity as well as a very positive sense to it.

Another way she gives her video a sense of authenticity is by utilizing cultural capital. By using her knowledge of cultural trends and tastes, she gives an evaluation of both the aesthetic and practical qualities of different items. By understanding what the majority of consumers in her society are attracted to, she can effectively promote certain products that are available to the public. In this video, she also chooses to review items that are more affordable and more easily available to consumers throughout the nation, instead of focusing on items that only the more economically elite could afford or products that can only be purchased in a specific region.