For this week’s blog post, I decided to watch and critique a “haul video” from the Internet. I searched on Youtube and found a video entitled “Haul: Spring Shopping Collection Video: H&M, Zara, and Le Fashion Truck“, posted by a user named “yummiebitez”. The video featured a fairly attractive young woman from Los Angeles, as she referenced a number of times throughout the video, showing her audience the purchases she had made at the stores previously mentioned. What I found most interesting about this video, and about “haul videos” in general, was how much I learned about this stranger’s life from watching her 17-minute video. By the end of the video I knew where she lived, how much money she spent shopping, her employment status, and even her clothing sizes. This video was a very public demonstration of her identity as a consumer, and gave a lot of insight into her lifestyle choices.

The star of the video, Yummiebitez, was definitely engaging in conspicuous consumption. By the very act of creating and posting this video, she was publicly exhibiting her spending habits. Not only was she very clear about what brands she had purchased, but she always made a point of showing her audience how much money she had spent. With every item of clothing or accessory, she would hold up the price tag to the camera so that everyone could see the dollar amount. Furthermore, she was not shy about sharing the fact that she had money to spend. She spoke on multiple occasions about her job, and made it very obvious that she was a working professional.

Throughout this haul video, Yummietbitez made sure to situate herself aesthetically as well as socioeconomically. Upon bringing out her first purchase, which was a loose, silky white blouse, she declared that she was “very into” flowy shirts at that time. Later in the video she showed us a pair of bright pink pants, which she described as her “boldest” purchase and “out of the ordinary” for her usual style. I thought this was very important because it gave her viewers a clear sense of her tastes as a consumer. It was also very interesting to me that every time she brought out a new piece of clothing, she would tell the audience which size she had purchased. To me, this showed that she was very intent on creating a certain identity for her audience to see.