By way of thrift haul videos,  Grav3yardgirl has managed to construct a unique style through consumption objects, which has enabled her to procure High Cultural Capital.  Holt would say that as a HCC, Grav3yardgirl attempts to produce individual subjectivity through authenticity and connoisseurship. As a means of establishing authenticity the HCC finds subjectivity in authentic goods as opposed to those that are mass produced. Grav3yardgirl’s ability to find unique goods in the least expected places, thrift stores, validates her credibility and elevates her to the status of a cultural intermediary.


Her achievement of decommodified authenticity, which is evident in her video, helps empower her as a cultural intermediary. An example of decommodified authenticity is when Grav3yardgirl finds a Vera Wang dress for $1.75.  A LCC would probably do anything in their power to preserve the Wang dress, and restore it so that it is most similar to those that are mass produced. However, Grav3yardgirl plans on cutting the dress up and making it into a Halloween costume. Although the dress is by Vera Wang, the preference to transform it into an authentic object marks the difference between HCCs and LCCs, according to Holt.


By reconfiguring this mass consumer object, Grav3yardgirl establishes herself as a connoisseur. Connoisseurship requires an idiosyncratic approach, understanding, evaluation, and appreciation of consumption objects. Furthermore her personal style is expressed through her particular practice, even with the objects that are widely consumed.  Designer finds contribute to the eclecticism that adds dimension to Grav3yardgirl’s role as a connoisseur.


With nearly, a million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views per video posted, it is clear that Grav3yardgirl has successfully  been able to use her authenticity and connoisseurship to continue a career as a cultural intermediary. The consumption objects that she discusses are merely resources for detailed and opinionated conversations about goods in different categories, which is obviously an enjoyable experience for viewers.