My haul video for CCI. Enjoy!


Here are some additional notes about my haul  that was left out in the video:

(4:45) Habitus is a set of tastes, knowledges, and habits an individual possesses and feels very natural to us.  We do things out of habit and do not know where the source is from, but just live it.  We often inherit a set of tastes growing up in our childhoods by families and groups so deeply that it seems like it comes from within, but it actually comes from outside.  In my video I talk about the habitus of dressing more conservatively because of the values my grandmother instilled in me.  As an independent adult, I still make decisions to follow that part of my habitus because it is so deeply imbedded in me and the decisions I make of choosing what to wear everyday.

(14:30) I’d also like to mention that someone with LCC, like juicystar07, chose items from Forever 21 that are made with cheaper quality material and are less fashionable, conservative pieces.  Her pieces were kind of typical and ordinary whereas mine were more unique and fashion-forward.  Forever 21 is a large store and has so many items that the distinction between HCC and LCC choices can be clear.  My goal while shopping at Forever 21 is to find items that are of a higher quality (whether that be the structure of the piece or the thickness/durability of the fabric) and design that someone wouldn’t be able to tell it was from there.  Many times my peers are surprised when I say I got an item from Forever 21 because what I choose doesn’t imply that.  However, the items juicystar07 got I think anyone could clearly notice those were bought at Forever.  I do recognize, though, that I am still shopping at Forever and the items I purchase can only be of a certain level of HCC because the prices and manufacturing is not up to par compared to Nordstrom or TopShop, for example.

Lastly, all of the clothes that I bought I would feel comfortable wearing in many situations: job interviews, class, out to dinner or to a bar.  Versatility is important for HCC whereas for LCC have clothes for specific occasions like church clothes, work clothes and lounge clothes.  HCC want to look presentable at all times and choose clothes to wear as part of the constant expression of their identity on an individual basis.